Gurudev Observatory

About Gurudev Observatory

Bringing astronomy and science to the people

Gurudev Observatory is dedicated to humanity.

For the last 25 years Gurudev Observatory has been spreading awareness of space science and astronomy, and for the last 5 years has concentrated on educating students and the general public. Currently some 24,000 students visit and receive training in our observatory every year. Since being established we have spread awareness of space science and astronomy to 2.5 million students and 50 million members of the Indian public.

Observatory network

Gurudev Observatory has set up a network of observatories which also includes AWGP Observatory (DSVV, Shantikikunj) and Shri Ram Observatory (Rajanandgaon, C. G.)

Research activities

Gurudev Observatory performs research on the Sun, Jupiter, our galaxy, celestial objects and meteors in both radio and optical wavelengths.

Main object

Our soul, the Sun, Suryanaryan.

The media helps us spread the word

Local, state, national and international media have helped Gurudev Observatory tremendously to spread awareness of space science to the young. Electronic media (TV, radio, the internet and e-magazines) and traditional print media (newspapers and magazines) are our partners.

Our belief

"Knowledge is god's gift and it should be used to enhance humanity and the next generation."

We strongly believe in this vision.

Our goal

We firmly believe that space science and observing the sky in any form encourages a stress-free life, increases happiness, humility, enthusiasm, a positive attitude, integration and much more.