Gurudev Observatory

Nature's Miracle (Eyes on the Sky)

Human beings have been fascinated by the sky and cosmos from ancient times. Celestial objects and events have attracted our attention since earliest times. The Sun, Moon, planets, conjunctions and eclipses always force us towards them. Atmospheric phenomena like clouds, rainbows, sun dogs-pillars-halos attract all of us. Nature's miracle always calls us to put our eyes on the sky.

From poet to scientist, from students to housewives, from farmers to officers, all want to see the sky which help us to be stress less, ego less, border less and positive.

I always try to cover these miracles on papers, photographic roll, digital plates. On this page you will see some of fascinating photographs being pictured by Sony Handy cam and others from and by Gurudev observatory. I hope you will enjoy these and will join the movement of eyes on the sky to reduce your fatigue and stress.

Celestial photography is itself an art which even a child can learn very easily. All you need is passion and enthusiasm. You can use a small digital camera with a tripod and it will be more useful if you can arrange a good telescope. A CCD imager with a high end telescope can take you on a journey of the heavens.