Gurudev Observatory

Visitors and Observers

We believe that any Observatory is incomplete without observers and visitors. Value of any achievement or gain become perfect when it is useful to humankind.

Visitors from every level of society

Gurudev observatory is doing the same.We firmly believe that what ever we have achieved it has been spread to observers and visitors. They are may be prominent guests, personalities, professors, invite or may be students from schools, colleges, municipal schools, slum area. It is our success that groups of housewives and families also be our visitors, it shows great achievement of observatory and gives satisfaction.

At observatory

Depending on the cultural and educational background of observers and visitors we show and teach them astronomy, space science, results and data of our radio telescopes-all sky camera. They also have been shown movies and multimedia show. At the end of the session each visitor is given a surprise space gift from Gurudev Observatory.

We had

We have had Dr. Chinmay Pandya, Pro. Vice Chancellor of Dev Sanskriti University, Prof. Bhatnagar - Head of Physics Department, Prof. Jayantilal Prajapti - Head of Civil Department, M.S. University, various groups of engineering students as prominent visitors and observers, they have spend hours with us.


Media also some times work as observers during sky events and also encouraged us by taking interview of personalities as a visitors at observatory.

Gallery of pictures